The Dropship is a manned space craft, which deploys into your base when it lands. In addition to serving as your hub of control planet-side, the Dropship has a landing area to facilitate trade with small ships. If your Dropship is destroyed, and you have not built any additional bases, the battle for the current planet will be lost.


Refineries harvest minerals from the deposits they are built upon. The speed of extraction can be increased through the research of mining technologies.


Factories produce parts for Cruise Missiles (CM), Anti-Cruise Missiles (ACM) and use these parts to assemble Cruise Missiles. Each factory can only produce one component at a time. Once all the necessary components are available, the factory can begin producing Cruise Missiles.


While the Dropship can handle trade with smaller ships, to trade with larger vessels, a Starport must be built. In addition to regular trade, Starports allow for the trade of contraband goods, including missile components. Only two Starports may be built by each corporation on a single planet.

Wind generators

Energy is needed to power your buildings. Wind Generators provide your main source of energy. It is advisable to build Wind Generators on higher ground, where they can produce more energy. The output of Wind Generators can be increased through research.


Substations allow excess energy to be stored by routing it to Batteries. One Substation with attached Batteries is called a Battery Field. A maximum of 4 Battery Fields can be built at one time. Battery Fields cannot be connected using Batteries.


When Batteries are built near a Substation, the result is a Battery Field, which stores excess energy. In case of an energy shortage, Battery Fields provide energy to attached buildings until they are depleted. On the mineral panel on the right border of the screen, there are two vertical bars. The blue bar indicates the level of charge for all battery fields and the turquoise bar indicates how long the battery fields can supply buildings with energy in the event of an energy shortage. Each division is equal to 30 seconds of energy supply.


The Packer produces Accumulators, condensed energy packets, which can be sold on the market. When battery fields become completely charged, the Packer is switched on and all energy stored in batteries goes to the creation of Accumulators. Manufacturing one Accumulator requires at least 3 battery fields.


Each Cruise Missile Launcher (CML) can store up to 10 missiles. Missiles are launched one at a time, and reloading is required between launches. The more Cruise Missile Launchers you have, the more rapidly you can launch Cruise Missiles.


Each Anti-cruise missile launcher (ACML) can launch two defensive Anti-Cruise Missiles simultaneously.

Additional Base

An Additional Base is a secondary command hub, which can perform all the same functions as a Dropship. Additional Bases can be built far from the main base and do not need to be connected to the Dropship. Players can only build three Additional Bases per mission. If the player loses their Dropship and all Additional Bases, the game will be lost.


Holograms are visual simulations of buildings, used to draw fire from your real buildings. Employing holograms can cause the enemy to waste missiles and valuable time.


Radar is the eyes and ears of your defence system. Radar detects incoming missiles and allows your ACMLs to launch Anti-Cruise Missiles to intercept enemy attacks. Radars take a few moments to become active after an Energy shortage, and can easily be disrupted by attacking enemy energy supply.


Storage buildings store extracted minerals and manufactured Cruise Missile parts. It is efficient to build Storage near Refineries and Factories to reduce delivery times.


Sci-Centres allow for the research of new missile technologies. By constructing a second Sci-Centre, you will also be able to research Economic technologies, which will improve the efficiency of your buildings. In the event of an energy shortage, all research will be suspended. Remember, not all technologies are available from the first mission.

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plants produce much more energy than wind-generators, but to run, they require Radiaterium. Radiaterium can be extracted by Refineries, but deposits are hard to find. Often, the only way to get Radiaterium is to buy it on the market.