In the distant future, the coming of a technological Golden-age brings reality to humanity’s dream of reaching out to other planets. Corporate exploration probes swarm the depths of space, seeking out resource-rich worlds to colonize and exploit. But even in the vastness of space, and true to human nature, disputes over colonization rights soon emerge. Great corporate war-fleets gather, ready to defend their claims. The Earth Federation, humanity’s central government, devises a contest called “Missile War” to prevent a descent into total war. In “Missile War” two rival corporations establish a base on the contested planet’s surface, harvest its resources, and engage in an isolated missile duel. Trade of harvested minerals is permitted, but interference by other corporations is not. The winner, the last corporation standing, is given full rights to the colony, and is taxed by the Earth Federation. Everybody wins; or do they?

Concerning Genre, Platform, and Audience

Direct Hit: Missile War offers a deep strategic experience to those weary of the never ending stream of Command and Conquer clones that dominate the real-time strategy market. While tipping its hat to console classics such as Megalomania, Direct Hit brings many fresh ideas to the table, in particular: separate player maps, and the replacement of classic RTS units by customizable missiles. Set in a Golden-age of planetary colonization, players must battle for mining rights to resource-rich planets by competing in explosive duels called Missile Wars. To win a missile war, players have to build, scan for and mine resources, trade, research, and of course, design the means of their enemies’ destruction: missiles! Randomly generated maps, a single-player campaign and skirmishes. Recommended for ages 10+. Direct Hit does not use any registered trademarks or other licensed property.

The game does not use any registred trademark or other property, that needs licensing.

Single Player Campaign


The great competition for the richest star system: Nirerat, has begun. Your corporation will face two mighty opponents, NeoSun Corp and Unistellarium Corp. First you will fight for each individual planet. When the dust has settled and the ownership of each planet has been decided, the two corporations with the most planets will engage in a final battle for overall control of the Nirerat star system. Your opponents, two of the most powerful corporations in existence, will try to thwart you at every step, and employ very different battle strategies. Unistellarium focuses on production, on creating an unshakable economic foundation. NeoSun’s doctrine, on the other hand, is more aggressive; they see production merely as a means to a single end: a rapid, irresistible strike.