• Think carefully about where to land your Dropship. Deploying on flat terrain will make it easier to construct a base, and will save you money on terraforming.
  • Remember that the higher up you build Wind Generators, the more energy they will produce. The picture below shows several deployed generators. Wind Generator 4, on the fourth level, will produce 2.3 times more energy than Wind Generator 1.
  • Attack early. If your opponent has not yet built radar, your missiles can fly freely into enemy territory.
  • At the early stages of a battle, it is better to produce recon missiles. As soon as you locate a valuable target, switch production to offensive missiles.
  • Electromagnetic missiles can be launched at the enemyís radar to knock it offline. This will allow your explosive warheads to find their targets unhindered.
  • Keep track of the number of Anti-Cruise Missiles available; these represent your primary defence.
  • If you canít find all the minerals you need right away, you can buy them on the Space Market.