Frequently asked questions
  • When was Direct Hit released?

Direct Hit: Missile War was first released on 1st March 2011.

  • The game will be released only in Russia or around the world?

Direct Hit is available in languages: Russian, English, German.

  • What game modes are there? Will there be multiplayer?

The game contains two single player modes: Campaign and Quick Mission. And yes, there is Versus Multiplayer! (Multiplayer and scirmish is cuted for now (in v1.8)).

  • What are the recommended system requirements?

CPU - Intel Pentium 3 - 2 GHz
RAM - 2 Gb Video - GF 6600 or higher.

  • What Resolutions are supported?

In short, all resolutions supported by your video card will be supported. Two modes are also supported: full screen and windowed. Also, if you change the screen resolution, graphics are not scaled, and will still look sharp on high resolutions.