About Direct Hit: Missile War

Direct Hit: Missile War offers a deep strategic experience to those weary of the never ending stream of Command and Conquer clones that dominate the real-time strategy market. While tipping its hat to console classics such as Megalomania, Direct Hit brings many fresh ideas to the table, in particular: separate player maps, and the replacement of classic RTS units with customizable missiles. Direct Hit has low system requirements, but excellent 2D graphics and rich sound. Direct Hit is family friendly; there is no gore, and no human enemies: victory is achieved through the destruction of enemy buildings.


Set in a Golden-age of planetary colonization, players must battle for mining rights to resource-rich planets by competing in explosive duels called Missile Wars. To win a Missile War, players have to build, scan for and mine resources, trade, research new technology, manage their economy, and of course, design the means of their enemy’s destruction: missiles! In the main campaign, your will lead your corporation to victory on numerous different planets against two rival corporations. Although there are many different tactics to employ, in a typical game you will:

  • Select a place to land your Dropship
  • Explore the terrain for resources
  • Build Refineries to mine minerals
  • Build a Sci-centre and research new technology
  • Build a Factory and produce Missile Parts
  • Produce Accumulators
  • Trade on the Space Market
  • Assemble Cruise Missiles
  • Build Launchers and Radars
  • Launch Recon Missiles to locate the enemy
  • Defend your base from enemy attacks
  • Destroy the enemy base

Obstacles to the player are:

  • Securing enough resources to support your war effort
  • Locating the enemy’s key structures
  • Defending against enemy attacks
  • Overcoming random planetary events and enemy sabotage attempts