Release on Steam !
8 august 2014

Thanks for all who support Direct Hit on greenlight!!!

7 february 2014

Help us to get a Green Light at Steam community.

30 april 2013

Game available at Shiny loot. And soon be availabe at Desura (indie db).



Good News
1 january 2013

All disks replaced with new good ones. "New Disc" (ND Novyi Disk) company apologizes. All uneadable disk can be changed to new good disks at your local cd-shops.

Bad news.
15 november 2012

Today it became clear that all the CD are not readable. This is a marriage of the plant at stamping disks. We are very disappointed and we apologize. Hope our publisher fix this as soon as possible.


CD release in Russia .
24 september 2012

Today we released game on CD in Russia. 2 years of negotiations with the ND (Noviy Disk) and 7 months of preparation for the press, finally reached its logical conclusion. Disk version have many changes (bugfixes), especially russian content. Game Version v.1.92.


Patch 1.8
3 febrary 2012

Today we released Direct Hit: Missile War patch 1.8. It fixes the following:

- Fixed Textlayout in some screens
- Fixed fast economic research that would lead to a game crash
- Fixed - game allowing building multiple bases simultaneously
- Fixed research tree dependences.

Patch 1.7
10 december 2011

Today we released Direct Hit: Missile War patch 1.7. The main feature of this patch is the ability to save/load during a mission.

First review.
1 november 2011

RTSGuru posted the first review of Direct Hit, giving it 7 out of 10, not bad! You can read the review by clicking on the picture below.

link to review

Patches and discounts .
26 october 2011

Half a year has passed since the release of the game and we continue to release patches. We are currently preparing patch 1.7, which adds the long-awaited save/load option. We are planning to release this patch in first half of November. A more precise date can be found on forum.

Keep track of the price of Direct Hit on game portals - Impulse and GamersGate, as we regularly run half price promotions.

1 march 2011

Good news!

Direct Hit now available for purchase at Impulse Driven.
It will also be available at Gamer's Gate on 4th March

(Click on image below to visit Impulse and Gamer'sGate).

Looking for a Publisher
12 may 2010

6 months have passed and we are almost ready to release Direct Hit. We are currently searching for a publisher.

16 october 2009

A game trailer for Direct Hit is available on (link):

 Also you can download file from Wiwd development site:

click to download

What's new!
15 october 2009

Half a year has passed since the latest update. We have been working hard, and these are the results of our efforts:

  • Building damage and destroy visual effects
  • Missile prototype screen
  • Missile combat systems
  • Multiplayer (TCP/IP, Warnet server)
  • Music and SFX added to game
  • Mineral Pannel
  • Added video at start (Intro)

Five new screenshots are now available on the website, under the topic "screenshots".

pic - pic

pic -pic

At present, we are working on the Single player campaign, which you can read about in the "Introduction" section.


Game profile on
5 february 2009

Game trailer and screenshots also available on largest game portal - Now you can download trailer from here:

All topics are filled up
31 january 2009

New topics are:

  • Missiles
  • Tactics
  • FAQ
  • Hints
  • Cheats

  • Video (Download amazing trailer!)
26 january 2009

There is new entrance on site - welcome screen.

Topics 2
23 january 2009

Topics "Buildings", "Introduction", "Game features" are fully translated. Next targets – «Missiles» and «Tactics».