Patch 9 (Build 2846) 1.9 14 March 2012
Fixed scroll bar in Tutorial Windows
Fixed graphic russian localization resources in main menu
Fixed graphic russian localization resources in tutorial windows

Patch 8 (Build 2836) 1.8 9 January 2012
Fixed Textlayout in some screens
Fixed fast economic research that would lead to a game crash
Fixed - game allowing building multiple bases simultaneously
Fixed research tree dependences.

Patch 7 (Build 2826) 1.7 3 December 2011
Major Game Refactoring
Improved Memory management
Added Load/Save functionality
Fixed Bug caused by late missile hitting enemy's base
Added granularity to game
Improved game's state management
Improved Missiles/Target System

Patch 6 (Build 2150) 10 July 2011
Fixed bug related to substation giving his IN_Construction status to batteries.
Fixed bug related to languages combo box.
Fixed sync problem of the log system.
Fixed trader ship problems.
Bug fixed related to addbase missing destructed texture.
Bug fixed when switching defense panel and ACM would have null target.
(thanks to ScottWAR for reporting)

Patch 5 (Build 2051) 11 June 2011
- Added multilanguage Support (Available Russian and German localizations).
- Fixed correct save/load profile in non-latin name of "My Documents". If this problem is occur, delete folder "Direct Hit" from "My Documents" and files Options.ini and Options.ini.keys located in game directory\Settings\Profile00\. Then start game.
- Fixed crash bug related to multiple missiles firing at one building.
- Improved memory allocation's policy and overall memory management.
- In factory's production screen, counter not reset any more. (Also you can use right mouse click on + and - buttons to increase or decrease production set number.)
- Each ACML building now can store up to 10 ACM rockets. In Air Control Center, on a Defence page, in a right-lower corner there is a counter of overall stored ACM missiles. If this numbers is yellow - it mean that the all ACML storages are full.
- Improved Main menu resources.

Patch 4 (Build 1870) 20 April 2011.
Fixed crash when building windgen in multiplayer mode.
Corrected all english texts mistakes.

Double click opens building's menu if available
Added tooltips for minerals panel (Mineral names)
Added name of selected goody in factory production screen
Added multilanguage support ( German local pack will be in next patch).
Added Ingame chat in multiplayer
Now access to ACC is blocked if there is no working radar.

Patch 3 (Build 1732) 13 April 2011.
Fixed crash to desktop in some places.
Fixed multiplayer crashes during play.

Patch 2 (Build 1719) 27 March 2011.
Fixed crash to desktop in some places on some configuration pc.
Fixed crash to desktop when two or more nuclear explosions.
Fixed UI - Scroll for CM production in Factory Menu.
Fixed effect - CM smoke. Missiles now have right side trail.
Fixed Enemy don't attack on missions 4 and higher.
Fixed Active guidance
Fixed Radar-homing
Balance changes:
Changed startup balance (30 000$).
Available missile technologies for use at start now determined as (level cap)-1. (For example level has tech cap 5, so you can use 1,2,3,4 level's technologies right from the start)

Patch 1 (Build 1619) 11 March 2011.
Fixed crash to desktop in some places on some configuration pc.
Fixed crash to desktop in multi-player menu when trying configure locations parameters.
Added CM missiles fall animation on a maps.
Added black points on minimaps - last missiles impacts.